My Skype Lab Tools List

Below is a complete list of all of my tools. Enjoy!

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Tool

A tool for configuring, troubleshooting and testing Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams.

Network Assessor for Skype for Business Online and Microsoft Teams

The Network Assessor offers a front end GUI for Microsoft's command line Network Assessment Tool. This gives you the ability to create professional graphs and log testing sessions with ease.

Skype for Business Rate My Call Viewer Tool

The Skype for Business Rate My Call Viewer Tool is a Powershell based GUI interface for listing up and graphing Rate My Call data out of the Skype for Business Monitoring database. Currently there is not a Monitoring report for accessing this data so I created this tool to help.

Skype4B / Lync Certificate Checker Tool

This Powershell based tool allows you to check the certificate being used on any remote server. It can be used to connect to any port number you would like to test and also supports doing DNS SRV lookups for common Skype for Business records.

Centralised Event Viewer Tool

Using the Centralised Event Viewer Tool you can centrally view Event Viewer logs from remote servers or pools within your environment.

Skype4B / Lync DHCP Config Tool

Configuring your Windows DHCP server for Skype for Business / Lync phones is made much easier using the DHCP Config Tool.

Skype for Business Address Book Normalisation Tool

The release of Skype for Business brings a new set of Powershell commands for controlling Address Book Normalisation rules. This tool allows you to easily add, remove, edit and test these rules with a handy GUI interface.

Centralised Logging Tool

This tool is used to configure Lync 2013 Centralised Logging Service settings.

Centralised Logging Tool

Call Pickup Manager

This tool is used to save time and effort configuring Call Pickup settings in Lync 2013 with SEFAUTIL.

Call Pickup Group Manager

Database Mirror Manager

This tool helps you manage your Lync Mirrored SQL databases.

Database Mirror Manager

Polycom VVX Phone Manager v3

This tool helps you manage Polycom VVX Phones on your Skype for Business/Lync platform.

VVX Phone Manager v3

Lync Edge Port Tester Tool

This tool helps you test and troubleshoot new or existing ports/firewall settings Lync Edge server deployments.

Lync Edge Port Tester Tool

Lync DNS Tester

This tool helps you test your Lync DNS settings with ease.

Lync DNS Tester Tool

IP Route Editor Tool

Putting static routes into Windows machines can be a drag using command line tools. So why not instead use this GUI based tool that I wrote in Powershell.

IP Route Editor Tool

Microsoft Lync Wireshark Plugin

Decode a bunch of Lync protocols directly off the wire with this handy Wireshark plugin.

Lync Wireshark Plugin

Lync Snom Configuration Manager

Manage your Snom phones on Lync centrally with Client Policy settings via the Lync Snom Configruation Manger Tool.

Lync Snom Configuration Manager

Lync Snom Phone Manager

This tool helps you manage Snom UC Edition Phones from a central location with ease.

Lync Snom Phone Manager

Power Syslog Server

Capture Syslog output via this simple and powerful Powershell based Syslog server.

Power Syslog Server

POODLE Checker Tool

A tool for checking the SSL/TLS versions supported by your servers to determine if they are susceptible to POODLE attacks.

POODLE Checker

Sonus SBC 5k/SWe CDR Decoder

Decode SBC5000 or SWe Call Detail Record files.

Sonus SBC 5k/SWe CDR Decoder

Lync / Skype for Business Photo Editor

A complete photo editor for Exchange HD, Active Directory, Lync / Skype for Business photos including face recognition based cropping, image filtering, file format conversion, and processing.

Lync / Skype for Business Photo Editor

Exchange / Active Directory/ Office 365 Photo Importer

Exchange / Active Directory / Office 365 Photo Importer Tool makes single photos or bulk imports is simple.

Exchange / Active Directory / Office 365 Photo Importer

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