Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lync Phone Edition Localisation

I was reading a post over at Jeff Schertz’s site the other day regarding getting Lync Phone Editions to use the tone set of your country, rather than the standard US tones.

It said that using Powershell and changing the “co” attribute within Active Directory was enough to set the tones on the phone to your country of choice. Unfortunately, this is not actually the case. Changing the “co” attribute in Powershell will actually not affect the country combo box shown on the Address tab. If you just set the "co" attribute with Powershell you end up with a situation like this:

The “Country/Region” setting in the Address tab when changed actually controls two attributes within Active Directory, the “co” and the “c”. The Lync Phone edition actually honours the “c” attribute, and not the “co” attribute.

As a result, I would recommend that when scripting for tone changes across your Lync users, you run a Powershell command that changes both settings. Here is my example for Australia:

Script to set Australia tones on Lync Phone Edition for all Lync users:


$question= Read-Host"Do you want to change the Country Parameter in AD for all lync users? (Y/N)"

if($question -eq "Y" -or $question-eq "y")
       Get-ADUser -Filter {msRTCSIP-UserEnabled -eq$true} | Set-ADUser -country "AU"-replace @{co="Australia"}

Note: You can edit the country name in the script for your appropriate country.

Hope that helps some of my non-American Lync friends J

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